A game of evolution — both natural and mechanical — using biology, genetics, atomic forging, material fabrication, and more!
Gameplay video pending iOS betas...
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A Vibrant Ecosystem

You begin as a single-cell organism in an underwater ecosystem. You'll encounter many unique creatures, - some common, some rare. All contain genetic traits that describe how you eat, how you attack, how you defend yourself, and much more.

A Diverse World

Continued reproduction unlocks new traits, technologies, and creatures. The world is vast - you'll encounter arctic waters, temperate zones, and underwater volcanoes. Many more are planned, like the exceptionally rare and dangerous crystal pool.

Playing With Atoms

Imagine a sub-atomic, atomic, molecular, and material universe at your fingertips. Your quest is to discover each of the atomic elements. Break them down into sub-atomic particles and rebuild them, or forge them into molecules and materials.

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Lifeform is currently in development for iOS. You can play the pc prototype now, though it does not fully reflect the iOS version.