A game of evolution — both natural and mechanical — using biology, genetics, atomic forging, material fabrication, and more!
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A Vibrant Ecosystem

You begin as a single-cell organism in an underwater ecosystem. You'll encounter hundreds of unique creatures, - some common, some rare. All contain genetic traits that describe how you eat, how you attack, how you defend yourself, and much more.

A Diverse World

Continued reproduction unlocks new traits, technologies, and creatures. The world is vast - you'll encounter arctic waters, temperate zones, and underwater volcanoes. Many more are planned, like the exceptionally rare and dangerous crystal pool.

Playing With Atoms

Imagine a sub-atomic, atomic, molecular, and material universe at your fingertips. Your quest is to discover each of the atomic elements. Break them down into sub-atomic particles and rebuild them, or forge them into molecules and materials.


Build mechanical components to upgrade your species. Forge some aluminum casing, a cable, manganese dioxide, and zinc to upgrade energy capacity with an alkaline battery! Improve your energy production, capacity, health regeneration, and shielding.

Accidental Science

Most game mechanics are based on real science — we're shooting for all 118 elements on the periodic table, basic genetics, sub-atomic particles, molecular recipes, and more. Learning the rules of the game is also a science lesson.

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Lifeform is currently in early development, so the indev versions are free to try! What's available in the early demo is just a scratch on the surface of possibility. We're also considering Multiplayer and full plugin API support for the PC/Mac versions.

As Lifeform takes shape, it will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux at discounted prices in 2014.